Ann Phan Ngọc Quới / Ann Ngoc-Quoi Phan
Photos inscribed for Mai-Qui Phan, April 16, 1975
Saigon, 16 April 1975
Dear Baby Mai Qui,
[This is] the picture uncle Vinh took of [me] your Mom in June 1974 when he visited the homeland! The picture was taken on the rooftop terrace of our house, do you remember? When will be another time when you and [I] your Mom be able go to the terrace again to look at the flowers or at the moon[?]. [I] your Mom let you go now because I love you very much. Later on if something happens, do remember that.
Mom PNQuoi
Saigon June 1974
Dearest Mai Qui,
This was taken on the rooftop of our house, do you remember? I've thought that we'll be together for many years, and will share our lives... and what is mine, is yours... but God has His own plans!
No matter where you'll be, and where you'll live, I'll always remember and love you, Mai Qui!
16/4/75 [the day she let Mai Qui be on Babylift]
Transcription/Translation by Chau Thien Phan

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