(Text of Invitation to the celebration of the)
Golden Wedding Anniversary
Mateo Phan Thien Tuan & Teresa Pham Thi My

We are happy to announce that in order to commemorate the


of our parents, a Mass of Thanksgiving will be concelebrated at the Redemptorist Church, 
38 Ky Ðong, Saigon, on Monday, the second of February 1970 at 5:30 p.m.

Your presence at this celebration will be the most beautiful prayer which we can hope for, 
so that together we can offer to God our profound gratitude and prayers for our Parents.

Their children:

Elizabeth Phan Thi Hue Vinh, husband and children
Elizabeth Phan Thi Le Xuân
Ann Phan Ngoc Quoi
Anthony Phan Thien Vinh, wife and children
Joseph Phan Thien Ân
Julian Phan Thien Châu, wife and children


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