Gia-tộc (Clan of)
Matêo Phan Thiện Tuần & Têrêsa Phạm Thị Mỹ
Elizabeth Phan thị Huệ Vĩnh
Sinh năm (Born in) 1922, tại (in) Huế, Việt Nam

Chị Vĩnh, 83 tuổi, lãnh bằng "Associate Degree" thứ hai, tháng 5-2005
Vĩnh receives her second Associate of Arts degree from Monterey Peninsula College in May 2005, at age 83. This indomitable woman who was struck with polio while a child, and who volunteered to replace her father in the war of resistance against the French (1946-1953), came to the USA as a refugee, and commutes to school by public transportation, is a great-grandmother who now resides in Seaside, Monterey County, California.

Các cháu dự lễ ra trường
(Grandchildren attending grandma's graduation ceremony)

Nguyệt Hoàng (dâu/daughter-in-law), Josephine Ordaz, Alex Hoang,
Grandma Vĩnh, Joseph Ordaz, Andrew and Michael Hoang

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