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Vinh's own short biographical sketch, 1972 / Tóm tắt tiểu sử do Phan Thiện Vinh (cho đến 1972)


Translation by
Châu Thiện Phan, 1 March 2009
Note: This typed index card was intended for Fr.
Camille Dubé on his visit to Vinh in Pacific Grove.

Phan Thiện Vinh, Antoine [Anthony]
Entered into the Redemptorist Juvenate in Huế for the first time, June 1944
Return home to rest for one year (Fr. Eugène Larouche, Director of Juvenate)
Reentered Juvenate, June 1946 (Fr. Dubé, Director)
Left Juvenate June 1950 (Fr. Jean Labonté, Director)

Married to Jean May Wang in Texas, 1959
Marie-Thérèse Thanh-Hương (Suzie), Claremont College
Holly-Ann Hoàng-Lan (Holly), R.L. Stevenson High School
Michael-Anthony Minh (Mike),
R.L. Stevenson High School
Mark-Alan Mẫn (adopted son), Carmel Mission School
Anna Mai-Quí (adopted niece),
Carmel Mission School
Address: 1134 Crest Ave., Pacific Grove, California 93950
Telephone (408) 375-5708

[Parents] Mr. & Mrs. Phan Thiện Tuần
1680 A Broadway Ave., Seaside, CA 93955
Tel.: (408) 394-0743 (Currently living near us)

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