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News received September 2008

From Deima Elnatour, Sep. 16, 2008:

I am attending Drexel University in Philly. I am in the PhD program in the school of Information science and technology (iSchool) at Drexel. I developed an interest around the notion of information and explored it from my post grad studies. I am truely enjoying every aspect of it and think that I found my passion. I am an information scientist where I mainly interested in studying informaiton, people and technology. I mine large amounts of data and think about what is the best way to represet such data to a person for use. I believe that information has a social life and I am constatnly looking for ways to bring the social aspect of information to enhance its relevance and meaning. My work can also contribute to improving search engine performance such as Google and Yahoo.

As far as work, I worked for Dow Jones and company for 10 years and left them soon after they were acquired by New Corporation I decided to move on. Now I am with a private consulting firm that specializes in process engineering for IT. I have extensive experience in this field and have established a name for my self over the past decade so they hired me to help support their growth. I have been with them since March this year and I love it. The travel gets to be a little too much sometimes, but the experience and exposure gained is of great quality and I enjoy working with them. The company name is Pepperweed Consulting.

I am happy to hear that you're staying very active, which is great thing to do. I like tennis. Maybe you can come by to catch the Us Open next year. I normally go but this year I coudn't make it.

I have a sister that lives in Jacksonville Florida with her husband and kids. I will plan to visit you when I go see her - you're probably an hour away from where she is I think. I pass Palm coast on my way to Orlando usually.



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