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Juan V. Nuñez

The first recipient of 
May 2, 2003
Juan V. Nuñez
Member of the 2001 Team
Leader of the 2002 Rider NMUN Team
Assistant Director, 2003 NMUN,
Ad Hoc Committee on the Indian Ocean
Juan Nunez ’03 is recipient of the first Dr. Chau T. Phan Model United Nations Award. The award was recently presented to him by Dr. Joe Nadeau, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, in honor of Dr. Chau Phan, professor of political science and outgoing director of Rider’s Model United Nations Program (NMUN).
     Nunez, who graduated May 16 from Rider with a bachelor’s degree in political science, received a certificate and $250. His name will be on a plaque to be prominently displayed in the political science department’s display case. Dr. Phan retired from Rider this month after 35 years of service. Nunez, the leader of the 2002 Rider NMUN team, was selected due to his outstanding leadership of the Model United Nations team, his commitment to the United Nations as an institution, and his continuing advice and support for the team even when he was not a member.
     “This award is part of Dr. Phan’s legacy to the department,” said Dr. Frank Rusciano, professor and chairperson of the political science department. “He has been associated with the Model United Nations, and influenced countless students’ lives through his work on this project for the past 35 years. The choice of Juan Nunez to receive the first award is a dual tribute to the student and Dr. Phan himself.”
     At the NMUN conference in New York City last month, Nunez held the post of staff assistant director for the Ad Hoc Committee on the Indian Ocean. His role was to ensure that 90 of the conference’s participants, who were assigned to his committee, had the information necessary to address such issues as the illicit drug trade, confidence building measures and the creation of nuclear weapons within the Indian Ocean’s zone.
      “My receiving this award in Dr. Phan’s honor has been one of the highest honors in my life,” said Nunez. “I am very proud that he was my mentor at Rider. He gave me a great deal of direction.”
      Nunez has also distinguished himself by graduating with Baccalaureate Honors. He is a member of the Latin American Student Organization (LASO) and has also traveled to Germany, Ireland and England with Rider’s Arts Abroad Program. In 2001, he played one of the lead roles in Rider adaptation of The Fantasticks.
      Nunez does not rule out the possibility of someday securing a position with the United Nations, perhaps as a member of the Secretariat. He harbors an intense interest in examining issues focusing on children’s rights, sustainable development, peace and security.
Rider Newswire, May 27, 2003

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