Oliver Wunsch (1999)
Name & address Mag. Oliver Wunsch
                 Seidenhofstrasse 56/15
                 8020 Graz
Phone: private +43 (316) 579 973
Business phone +43 (316) 606 260
Fax +43 (316) 606 444
Job title Financial controller
Employer Otto Versand GmbH (world´s largest catalog selling company)
18 April 2001 oliver.wunsch@ottoversand.at

Evaluation of the 1999 Rider NMUN experience

After all the simulations and preparations we did throughout the semester, it was exciting to go to New York and be a representative of both the Rider University and Botswana.  It was a physically and psychically hard effort to prepare papers, to listen to and give speeches, to negotiate nearly the whole day.  But in the end, when the paper become a draft resolution, the voting procedure took place, and the work of many hours was rewarded with a majority vote, I had the feeling that we all had done a good job.  I will never forget that moment, and of course nothing else that made this week the most valuable experience in my academic education. Oliver Wunsch.

Photo of Oliver Wunsch and Stefan Obergottsberger

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