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News received September 2008
From Melissa Andus, 9/18/2008 7:54 PM
Hi Dr. Phan!

It is great to hear from you!  After 2003, I decided to stick with MUN and was on the team for the next two years being a co-leader of the 2005 team.  After graduation, I moved back to NYC where I am now working in human resources and office management at a small publishing company in downtown Manhattan (I know, that's a far cry from political science but I am definitely using the skills I learned in Model UN for the office management side.)  I still keep in touch with Mike, Melissa S and Katie, all of whom I'm sure you tried to get in touch with as well (I know you contacted Mike so I will let him tell you what he has been up to; if you need contact info for Melissa or Katie just let me know).  We actually got together recently and found ourselves recounting our Model UN days and wondering how you were!  I have attached some pictures from the 2003 team.  If you need anything else, let me know.  Hope all is well in Florida and that you haven't had any problems with all the recent storms.


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