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News received October 2008
From Brooke Olster (Team 2001)
October 5, 2008 at 9:21pm

Hi Dr. Phan!
   Thank you for your kind message! I'm glad to hear you are doing well and enjoying Florida! Do you miss Rider and MUN? Are you working on any interesting projects?
   I'm doing very well. Since graduating from Rider, I volunteered in Ghana with a local NGO for several months. This sparked my interest in developing countries, and later encouraged me to apply to the Peace Corps. For the next two years, I worked for two major consulting firms in DC and gained some excellent professional experience. About three months ago, I returned from Mauritania (W. Africa) where I served in the Peace Corps for two years! It was a tough culture and adjustment, but I loved living in another place, speaking foreign languages and learning about the world and myself. I'm now a grad student at GW in DC where I'm working towards a Masters in International Development. I'm taking courses in economics, microfinance and public policy. MUN helped me grow a lasting passion for international affairs and politics and Rider was such a supportive environment to foster my diverse interests.
   I do not keep in touch with any other MUN team members, except for Brian Harden occasionally who is living/working in NYC. He is on Facebook as well and I will forward him your message. It would be great to hear news on everyone!
   Take care,
Brooke Olster

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