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Delegation Roster by Years
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1968 Argentina, Honorable Mention 1969 Czechoslovakia, Honorable Mention 1970 Brazil, Honorable Mention (needs Team photo)
1971 Israel, Honorable Mention 1972 Pakistan, Honorable Mention  1973 Tanzania, Honorable Mention
1974 Yugoslavia, Outstanding Delegation 1975 Iraq, Best Delegation (needs Team photo) 1976 Sweden, Outstanding Delegation
1977 Romania, Best Delegation (needs Team photo) 1978 India, Letter of Commendation (needs Team photo) 1979 Egypt, Honorable Mention (needs Team photo)
1980 Zaire, Delegation of Merit 1981 Kenya, Distinguished Delegation 1982 Sweden, Outstanding Delegation (needs Team photo)
1983 Egypt (needs Team photo) 1984 Dominica (needs Team photo) 1985 Austria
1986 Venezuela (needs Team photo) 1987 Colombia (needs Team photo) 1988 Trinidad & Tobago, Outstanding Delegation
(needs Team photo)
1989 Mexico, Outstanding Delegation (needs Team photo) 1990 Sweden (needs Team photo) 1991 Costa Rica
1992 Costa Rica 1993 New Zealand (needs Team photo) 1994 Jamaica
1995 Morocco 1996 Iceland (needs Team photo) 1997 Trinidad & Tobago
1998 Jordan 1999 Botswana 2000 Jordan, Distinguished Delegation Award
2001 New Zealand 2002 Mozambique 2003 Malawi, Honorable Mention
2004 Belgium 2005 Portugal (needs Team photo) 2006 Non-Aligned Movement
2007 Peru: Distinguished Delegation Award;
Outstanding Position Paper Award 
2008 Syrian Arab Republic: Outstanding Delegation Award  2009 Lebanon: Outstanding Delegation & Outstanding Position Paper Awards
2010 Venezuela: Outstanding Delegation  Award
2011 Nigeria Outstanding Delegation Award 2012 Iran Outstanding Delegation Award
2013 Israel Outstanding Delegation Award 2014 Indonesia Outstanding Delegation Award
2015 Lebanon Outstanding Delegation Award
2016 Hungary
2017 Outstanding Delegation Award, 4 Position Paper Awards, 2 Peer Awards 2018

Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Kenneth L. Maxwell, Founder, 1967-73  (deceased)
Dr. Chau T. Phan, Co-Advisor, 1968-73
Dr. Chau T. Phan, Advisor, 1974-2003
Steven Sutow, 2003-04
Dr. Barbara Franz, 2005-

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