Ann Phan Ngọc Quới / Ann Ngoc-Quoi Phan

Testimonal for

upon her retirement
by co-workers at the Monterey County Department of Social Services
August 25, 2000

Served eleven and a half years as an Employment Coordinator in the Seaside Employment Services office of the Monterey County Department of Social Services.

Ann has devoted her life to public service, an illustrious career spanning four decades:
- was the first Social Worker in her country of Vietnam
- then advanced to Chief of Family Service
- provided hope and friendship to fellow "Reeducation Camp" members
- taught classes in Vietnam, advanced to head academic position
- was a counselor and ESL teacher for the California public school system
- willingly shared her knowledge, wisdom, and personal resources

...her love to family and community:
- cared for her aging parents
- is a loving, adoptive parent
- sings in her church choir as well as volunteering for other ministries
- volunteers as a translator for RotoCare which provides free health services
- welcomes foreign students and other visitors from afar in her home

As an Employment Coordinator Ann has influenced many lives in a positive way.  She has been a tireless advocate for the Vietnamese community and their needs as well as for all customers.

Ann has worked with a variety of community training and education providers and employers in serving her customers.  Many have expressed how wonderful it is to work with her.

Commended many times for her efforts in helping customers secure employment she was always willing to:
- translate, in any form,
- provide ideas on making the job more effective, and
- assist her fellow team members.

Good luck and best wishes in your next phase of life's journey.  We will miss you.

Given with affection from your co-workers.

August 25, 2000

"goes the extra mile for her customers, a fascinating and brilliant woman"

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