Cô Phan Ngọc-Quới / Miss Ann Ngoc-Quoi Phan

righthand.gifLatest news: May 31, 2016
  • Miss Ann Ngoc-Quoi Phan has been since Feb. 2016 at an assisted living facility. You can send her letters and pictures at Anjelica's Villas, 555 Francis Ave., Seaside, CA 93955.
  • She welcomes visitors to talk about old times in Vietnam. Please check in at office and sign guest register.
  • However, she is under strict dietary restrictions, so please do not bring any food or beverage. In particular she is on a low-sodium diet (no salty foods, or foods with MSG) and low-sugar diet (NO cake, cookies, candies, sodas), and NO caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate). Your thoughtfulness and cooperation is much appreciated.


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Click here to send her your pictures and recollections.
Please annotate your pictures with name(s), place, and date and send them to Dr. Phan Thiện Châu
DO NOT FORWARD unessential stuff to her, as he has trouble with eyesight and have problems reading email messages.
 If you have pictures and/or stories about Quoi/Ann Phan, please send them instead to Dr. Phan Thiện Châu
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