Request for pictures: If you have pictures of Vinh, please scan them, reduce them, and e-mail them to Phan Thiện Châu with caption and date taken. Thank you.
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Anthony Phan Thiện Vinh  &  Lê Thị Như Hảo
Vợ thứ hai / Second wife
(Hôn thú / Married 14-11-1990, Minden, Nevada) 

Wedding group, Minden, Nevada

Tiếp tân tại nhà chị Quới / Reception at Quoi's house

Michael. Nhu Hao, Sue, Mai Qui, Vinh

Tại nhà Châu, New Jersey, 12-1995 / At Chau's house
(Ly dị / Divorced 30-11-1999, Minden, Nevada)

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