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1999 Rider NMUN
Representing Botswana

Back row:  Oliver Wunsch, Deima Elnatour, Fatisha Hobbs, Levi Wilson, Shana Semler, Aaron Ellenport, Dr. Chau Phan
Front row: Nargis Afzal, Steve Sutow, Jessica Battaglia, Mike Kaiser, Christine Mooney, Stefan Obergottsberger
Jessica Battaglia, 1999 Delegation Co-Leader
Mike Kaiser, 1999 Delegation Co-Leader
Nargis C. Afzal, Freshman
Aaron S. Ellenport, Senior, Political Science
Deima Elnatour, Sr., Computer Information Systems
Stefan Obergottsberger, Exchange student from Austria
Fatisha Hobbs, Junior, Political Science
Danita J. Kolb, Senior, Spanish
Christine Mooney, Junior,  Political Science
Shana Semler, Senior, German and French
Steven H. Sutow, Junior, Political Science
Levi E. Wilson, Senior, Sociology
Oliver Wunsch, Exchange student from Austria
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Chau T. Phan

Departing for New York City

Two Guys from Austria
Evaluations of the 1999 NMUN experience

Updated January 2, 1999

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